Our Efforts Toward Sustainability

At Hurst Conference Center, we understand the responsibility we have to make environmentally sustainable choices for our business. Bringing groups and individuals together at the Hurst Conference Center is only possible through the resources granted by the world around us. Inspiring progress and driving connection is what we do, and with our sustainability initiative, we hope to keep improving our practices as well. See more information below about how the Hurst Conference Center is making smarter choices for the future.

LEED Certification

We always want to be improving your experience at Hurst Conference Center. To maximize the potential of our spaces and to reduce our carbon footprint, Hurst Conference Center is becoming LEED Certified.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council in an effort to hold commercial buildings to a higher standard of energy saving practices. The Hurst Conference Center is taking part in the program in order to understand the best methods to operate under environmentally conscious standards.

Eliminating Water Bottle Consumption

Even though plastic water bottles are completely recyclable, it can be hard for every single individual who drinks from a plastic water bottle to find an appropriate recycling bin. We are preventing this issue by eliminating water bottles from our conference center. This will ultimately reduce water bottle consumption at our facility by about 6,000 cases.

As an alternative, we’ve incorporated Just Water for our staff and attendees. Just Water allows us to almost completely cut out single use plastics from the Hurst Conference Center since the carton is made of sugar cane, making it 100% biodegradable.

Saving Energy

Technological advances are becoming more and more accessible to individuals and to businesses, and the Hurst Conference Center is no exception. This means that we have to be cognizant of the energy we use. As a part of our going green efforts, the Hurst Conference Center is making the change to all LED lightbulbs. LED bulbs are more reliable since they last longer and only require 3% of the energy their conventional counterparts need to light up our meeting spaces.

Another way that the Hurst Conference Center is making energy efficient choices in the design of our building includes using tinted windows. Without taking away too much natural lighting from your event or meeting room, these windows reduce the amount of energy it takes to cool our spaces by increasing the amount of heat that reflects off of our windows.

Responsible Partners

By partnering with local farmers, we are able to reduce the amount of waste created by our staff and attendees. Any left-over food our kitchen produces is given to the farmers as food for their pigs, and anything that is not able to be fed to their animals is composted.

Hurst Conference Center is proud to partner with Hilton Garden Inn as well, which shares a parking deck with our building for attendees and hotel guests. We always encourage our guests to take the complimentary shuttles from the DFW airport for a greener transportation option.

Our event center offers covered parking for guests; however, to encourage ride shares, there are fewer parking spaces than full capacity would require. Our efforts to go green involve everyone who attends events and meetings at Hurst Conference Center, and we thank you for helping us advance toward a more environmentally sustainable company.