Audio Visual/IT

For your wedding, our in-house technical staff will be there to take care of you every step of the way. Our venue provides dynamic lighting, a rich sound system and a great dance floor. We also provide the audio/visual knowledge that lets you and your guests enjoy your wedding without the need for technical concerns.

Packages & LCD Projector/ Screens
9’x6′ Screen and Projector Package 300.00 DAY*
8’x12’ Screen and Projector Package 350.00 DAY*
Dual 9’x6′ Screens and Projector Package 550.00 DAY*
Dual 8’x12’ Screen and Projector Package 700.00 DAY*
Audio Equipment
Wired Hand Held Microphone 35.00 EA
Wireless Handheld Microphone 45.00 EA
Wireless Lavalier Microphone 45.00 EA
4 channel Audio Mixer 45.00 EA
Audio Connect to House Sound System 50.00 EA
12 Channel Audio Mixer 45.00  EA
LCD Projectors, Screens & Support Equipment
9’x6′ Da-Lite Fast Fold Screen 250.00 DAY
8’x12’ Da-Lite Fast Fold Screen 300.00 DAY
3000 Lumen Video Projector 250.00 DAY
6000 Lumen Video Projector 300.00 DAY
DVD Player 45.00 DAY
Presentation Lectern and Microphone 150.00 DAY
Standard Lectern 50.00 DAY
Power Point Presentation Clicker 25.00 DAY
32″ Confidence Monitor 75.00  EA
Presentation Switcher 100.00  DAY*
Video Camera, tripod 350.00  DAY
Power & Electrical Equipment
20 AMP Circuit 25.00 EA
200 AMP 3 Phase Power 600.00 EA
Stage Back Drop Panel 25.00 FT
Staging – 4’x6′ Sections 10.00 EA
Internet & Web Casting
Ethernet Internet Connection 25.00 EA
Wireless Internet Access FREE EA
Miscellaneous Equipment

Video Tape Stock10.00EA

Baby Grand Piano 150.00 EA
Conference Call Telephone 100.00 EA
Smart Easel (Adjustable) 10.00 EA
Dry Erase Board 25.00 EA
Flip Chart w/Easel 25.00 EA
Glass Gobo 250.00 EA
Steel Custom Gobo 150.00 EA
Photocopying Services – Color 0.50 EA
Photocopying Services – BW 0.50 EA
Power Strip 10.00  EA
Telephone 25.00 EA
ELMO Document Reader 25.00 DAY
Pin Lighting 25.00 DAY
US & TX Flags 25.00 DAY
Uplighting 25.00 DAY

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